Hair Aid January ’17

Hair Aid Update.

As some of you may know in January, Nat was lucky enough to go with Hair Aid to Manilla in the Philippines.

Hair Aid’s goal and reason for me being there was to teach Hairdressing skills to the under privileged of Manilla, which gives them skills to support their families and helps them get out of the poverty cycle.

The irony is that I learnt so much more from the beautiful people of Manilla and other Hair Aid colleges, than I could ever teach them.

It was truly a life changing, humbling and heart felt experience from which I’am truly grateful for.

The Beautiful people of Manilla looked after us as if we were one of their own, often putting us before themselves,

Even with very little English spoken they were eager to watch and learn. There was a lot of sign Language and role playing to break through the language barriers.

Not only did I get to use my 22 years of Hairdressing experience, But I also received so much more from the time I spent with the Beautiful Hair Aid Team and everyone from the Philippines.

Strength, Belief and hope  for a better future are what we all received from teaching these wonderful people.

My love for the Roque 1 Villages, Nia Road community and my fellow Hair Aid team is never far from my heart, And I’am busy planning another Hair Aid Trip in June “17

Thank you to everyone that made this trip possible for me to be able to experience, I’am truly grateful to have made a difference to the lives of the beautiful people I met over in the Philippines and I’am so blessed for the difference they made in my life as well.






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