Hair Aid Indonesia September 2018

Words are some times never enough to express how grateful I am to be able to be apart of the amazing HAIR AID team.

Hair Aid Indonesia 2018 was my 3rd project that  I have been apart of from the help form my amazing clients, the great team behind me and my awesome family.

Each Hair Aid project is always so different for each other with the roller coaster ride of emotions and the awesome team that supports you through but its always Hair Aid and I love to keep on going back xx

We venture into some of the most beautiful communities and villages and on the other end of the spectrum some of the most brutal living conditions you will ever comprehend and yet both ends of the spectrum welcomed with open arms and embraced EDUCTATION!!

Monday 24th September 2018

First day on Hair Aid projects is always a exciting nerve of the unknown were what how wow!!!!

I was off to the CMU which is a foundation that looks after people with disability.

Truly amazing to be able that even with there different difficulty there were so super keen to learn.

One amazing lady was definitely made for hairdressing with a extra thumb and what she could do was awesome.

Tuesday 25th September 2018

I was able to go back into the Denpasar Dump were I spent most of my time last Hair Aid project the drive in was the same but the garbage had grown what was a unbelievable sight last year but to think that is was larger and more areas full of more garbage was not possible but it was…. unfortunately on the Monday there was a massive fire that went through part of the area further up and the Hair Aid team was moved out. So we were able to be there for most of the day but in the afternoon the wind change and we were smoked out but the lovely people that live and work in the dump stay.

There was one lady that we pasted ever morning last year and I was nearly in tears that she was still there doing the same job with the plastic bottles

re move the lid

tip out the water or what ever inside

remove the label

Sitting there dressed with  no gloves or mask just thongs on her feet morning until afternoon

Last time she  was a model for our ladies this time she was a STUDENT !!!!!!

I found out the out of the 15 ladies the graduated last year 8 YES 8 ARE WORKING IN HAIRDRESSING !!!!!!! Super high and so very proud of there hard work!!


I was so excited to see some of the ladies come back for further skills and some of the ladies that were models now were the students and more ladies were doing Hair Aid for the first time!! The ladies were laughing when I showed them pictures form last year and how much had changed.

They took us on a guided walk around there place of sleep to think that seeing it last year being confronting and this year was even more s..t. With the smoke thick and the toxic fumes plus the heat its just not right but the kids were still playing and the adults still working. The team were able to get back in each day and the ladies finished there 5 day Hair Aid course and next year I will be back to see them again xx Always Denpasar Dump Team

Wednesday 26th September 2018

I went to the Arms of Love which is a church that helps to look after children that are orphans and girls leaving the prostitution.

As the name says Arms Of Love you felt every bit in love there. The joy on the little ones faces and the eagerness in the ladies eyes to learn more skills was amazing. This location rock with 40 to teach and everyone keen to learn you were on form go to the end watching over sometimes 5 ladies that have just learnt to cut hair on day 3 was mind blowing and sometime under the pump for us but we got there not finger nips and all awesome haircuts!!!!

Thursday 27th September 2018

Back at Arms of Love and today is men’s haircut day. Lots of fun with that ladies having no problems using the clipper only us again as we like to slow it down and safe using the clipper guards but why would you lol. These ladies blow my mind each day with the eagerness to learn and take it in and remember they only have been cutting for 4 DAYS !!!

Friday 28th September 2018

Last day of Hair Aid Indonesia its always the best and the hardness (crying ways) Your filled with the exciting happiness organizing a special cake and special treats to congratulate them of completing at 5 day cutting program but sad to leave them xxx

I was at the UNI location which we taught some of the students that need to learn this skill to help pay for there uni fees. One of the beautiful students her mum and dad came all the way from there village to she her graduate and seeing the tears of happiness form her mum makes it worth it xx The Dean of the Uni watched the graduation as well that is very big over there and he decide for those that graduated he was setting up a hairdressing salon right away for them to start!!!!!


Ask why I do Hair Aid?????

Its the highs and the lows, its the laughter, the learning form other hairdressing form all over the world, seeing a change in such a little time, using my skills to help others, the first world problems, being who you are, the love, the excitement from day to day, the unknown , the new eyes, friendship, life long friendship, all the little things, not knowing anyone on the team but by the end of the week not wanting anyone to go.

I guess its HAIR AID and so much more xxx

Thank you all of your love and support next year 2019 fingers crossed Cambodia and Indonesia xx but cant do it with out my support of clients, Chameleon Hair Team and my Family xxx




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