Hair Aid Indo September 2017

When we think of Bail Indonesia ones mind is transported to a beautiful (cantik) place to holiday and it is BUT please think of all the PLASTIC bottles and bags that we use and leave. Were dose it go ?????? Sadly we found Denpasar Dump.

As you know I have been apart of the First Hair Aid Project to Indonesia 🇮🇩 with another first of teaching manicure & pedicure.

This was my 2nd Hair Aid Project I had a rough idea on what I was going to see but nothing could of pre paired me. You all know that I’m not down for showing pictures of the way other people live.
I have had some time and would like to share.

I spent my days with a awesome Hair Aid Team ( dump buddies) and the most Talented, Eager to learn and Inspiration Woman that have learnt a skill of hairdressing for life. By the third day 3 of the women were correcting and helping to show others to cut hair as well!! We were all so Happy, Surprised 😳, Proud and all trying not to cry 😭 on how they have learnt and can teach others.

I got to have a chat to the ladies about setting up a Hair salon in the community centre as a business they said they would but have no scissors. I said that we will be leaving hairdressing kits ( cutting combs, section clips, scissors, cutting capes, water spray & clippers) for them.

There eyes & smiles were like your child’s first Christmas that they know what is happening. Tears of joy, happiness, laughter and hugs all around. The simple act of us showing then how to cut hair the women can see a better future for them and there family.
The next day they were so excited about us leaving hairdressing kits they made a sign ready to go as a salon 💇🏻😁

We were taken around were they lived which was so heart wrenching. In one man made shed 40 families (mother, father up to 3 children) lived 20 on top and 20 below rooms no bigger than our average sized bathroom. With cardboard, tin or wood sharing a dividing wall. A toilet and shower at either end with trash surrounding it. Their day is spent sorting rubbish.

On our last day we had a Graduation for the women, we organised a special cake, fresh fruit 🍉 and some lollies. The joy on there face to receive a Certificate and Hairdressing Kit was awesome 👏. We were very surprised when they gave us a special gift ….. a framed photo of the Hair Aid Team!!! YES we Cried 😭

I can not thank enough each and every person that has helped me to be here
• Paige, Allyce, Racheal and Grace
• all of the awesome Chameleon Hair Clients
• amazing women from Ladies Long Lunch
Hair Aid
• my Hair Aid Family
• my Hair Aid Indo Team
• Dump Buddies
• my supportive husband, son and family

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

I am coming back next year to see the progress of the women at the Denpasar Dump and to be able to teach more ladies.


My heart will forever be grateful and plastic free xxxxxx



Posted by Chameleon Hair on Tuesday, 26 September 2017

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